Darwin Campa

is a graphic + web + ui designer in Raleigh.

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    Design, development

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    The site you're looking at is an exercise in lots of new and new-to-me techniques.

    It's built with a sort-of-mobile-first philosophy, meaning that it should scale down to smartphones very well assuming they have the horsepower to render the visuals. It's very flexible, thanks to the Frameless grid system, and adapts elegantly to a wide variety of screen sizes.

    Wherever possible, I've used CSS for effects and animations (the Hello button, for instance, uses no images). Modernizr helps me fallback to less flashy things on browsers that struggle, though I've largely forsaken IE 7 and earlier.

    The site also makes very liberal use of jQuery plugins from a host of wonderful developers. Feel free to browse the source, or ask me if you want to know how I did something.


    Tablet app interface design

    Durham Central Market

    Identity, branding, print design, web design and development

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    Kate & Ryan

    Design and front-end development

    Live Site

    My friend Ryan is a web developer, and had been working on a simple content management system built on Django when he and Kate became engaged.

    After we arrived at the design, I worked with him to kick the tires on the new theme system he and Dan Watson had finished adding to the CMS.

    The design is simple, but includes a few whimsical hat-tips to the new couple.


    Identity and logo design

    Smarter Stuff

    Concept, branding, cross-media design and development

    Live Site

    Smarter Stuff is a website that attempts to inspire people to adopt sustainable products, partly by leveraging existing green blogs.

    SmarterStuff.org and the accompanying large format posters were produced during my senior year and served as my capstone project.


    Identity/branding, print and web collateral design and development

    Live Site


    Web design and development

    Live Site


    Logo design


Darwin Campa

Hi! My name is Darwin.

I design websites, interfaces, identities, and everything in between. I'm also a front-end developer.

I have a BGD from the NCSU College of Design (ca. 2009).

I've worked on everything from startups to international brands, and I try to bring a little bit of the cutting edge to everything I do.

Got a project you want to talk about? Get in touch! I love new stuff.


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